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User’s Review

It is so soft and I never wore such a comfortable shoes.

Hakodate city , 60's , Housewife

It is the first time for me to feel so light! It was so impressive!

Fukuoka city , 60's , Housewife

It is pretty light! The best shoes to go for a trip! It is soft and comfortable.

Himeji city , 40's , Housewife

I feel like I'm not wearing anything because I do not feel any pain.

Niigata City , 40's , Office worker

Feel like walking barefoot.

Tokyo , 60's , Housewife

I can not put on other shoes anymore.

Fukuoka , 60's , Housewife

Shoes are struggling because foot deformation is so terrible,
I think that I was really happy to meet these shoes.

Yokohama city , 60's , Housewife

Although it does not fit any shoes due to the deformation of the foot, these shoes match one shot perfectly, it is mysterious without pain.
I was deeply moved by being.

Okayama , city 60's , Part-time worker

The comfort is very good. The shoes at last matched!

Kyoto , 60's , Housewife

I was surprised at 130 g. My feet do not get tired even at long distances.

Tokyo , 60's , Office worker

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